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ABOUT THE BUSINESS PITCH COMPETITION Dare to Dream, Dare to Pitch, Dare to Win exciting prizes !

We are delighted to announce that a Business Pitch Competition will be held at the prestigious biennial BMM Convention of the Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (“BMM”). The Convention is scheduled to take place from June 27 to June 30, 2024, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. 

The Bay Yuva Committee is organizing a business pitch competition in order to select the best business idea, a unique opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial skills to a worldwide audience by presenting their business ideas live at the prestigious Convention.

Pitches should be submitted online by all applicants and only the 6 best pitches will be selected to present their big ideas during the convention.

During the Live Pitch Competition at the convention, a panel of judges will decide the final winning pitches and the winning team will be eligible to win exciting prizes.

The business pitch will be judged on the following criteria:

The business pitch will have:

Application Criteria

The business pitch will be judged on the following criteria:

Presentation Structure

The business pitch will have:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do we sing in Marathi or in Hindi?

For classical, the presentation has to be in Hindi.

For the Sugam sangeet category, the song must be in Marathi.

2.What can be included in the Sugam Sangeet music category?

Any song forms such as Bhajan, Abhang, Bhakti geet, Bhavgeet, Gazal, Lokgeet, Marathi movie songs (except NatyaSangeet) etc. can be used in Sugam Sangeet category.

3. Can we use the track for the performance?

Yes, Karaoke tracks are allowed for the Sugam Sangeet category in Round one and Round two only. For Classical music, accompaniment by a Tanpura and a Tabla are a must (actual or electronic). Use of a harmonium is optional. 


4. Can I sing all verses of a song even if it goes beyond the given time or do I need to cut down to a few verses?

Please stick to the required time limits per genre and age group.  

5. Can we combine two songs and perform as a medley?

You can choose your songs and may combine them. Just make sure you adhere to the time limit.

6. Is it allowed to do raag vistaar for some time initially before starting with the song?

Yes, you can do raag vistaar – just keep overall performance within the time limit.

7. I submitted an entry through the google form but did not receive any confirmation email from BMM. Is my registration confirmed?

The email you receive from Google Form after submitting the form is your confirmation of submission. If the form is incomplete, BMM will reach out to you.

8. Is it okay if I record my video on my smartphone? I don’t have a good quality video recorder with me at home.

Yes, you can use your phone for recording. Please refer to rules for details about audio/video recording. However, the recording should be pristine and in its original form, unprocessed, and without enhancements. 

9. Does the phone have to be a vertical frame or horizontal?

Use horizontal frame as that gives a better view.

10. Is it okay to do self-saath on harmonium/other instruments?

You can choose to do self-saath if you decide. But please make sure that you follow the guidelines for saath for the genre you are participating in.

11. Would it be okay for the accompaniment to not be visible in the video? For example, where another person controls the iPad for starting the Tabla, changing speed, etc.?

 Yes, another person can help control the instrument and, in that case, the person need not be included in the video.

12. Can I use only tanpura but no tabla?

As part of the evaluation, there is a specific focus on sur alignment and control as well as adherence to taal. Hence, both tabla AND tanpura are must.

13. Is Swarmandal allowed?

Yes, you can use Swarmandal along with Tanpura and Tabla.

14. Is it ok to use Bluetooth speakers during the performance?

If you want to connect a Tanpura or  a Tabla device to external speakers (like a Bluetooth device) so the performer can properly hear the instruments, that should be fine. However, no audio enhancements are allowed for the performer. 

15. Do I have to show/hide electronic tanpura/iTablaPro or devices like it in the video?

You can keep these devices near you during recording as per your convenience. You do not have to make the screen/controls explicitly visible in the video.

Yes, provide a valid/correct URL/Link for your vocal video. 

17. Does the total time limit also include introduction time?

The introduction is not counted towards the total time limit. However, please keep the introduction only to the name of the song or the raag you are presenting. The clock will start with the first musical note. 

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