Patrons Packages 2024($)

BenefitsPatron Packages
Cost of Packages2500015000
No of Tickets64
Seating (2 seats per sofa)Premium SofaPremium Sofa
No of Banquet Tickets64
Hotel Room32
Hotel TypePriorityPriority
Day 1 (BMM Fest)IncludedIncluded
Celebrity Dining64
Special Benefit^ Celebrity Photo Op Celebrity Photo Op
Special Benefit^Be a felicitator at 2 programBe a felicitator at 1 program
Without Hotel OptionN/AN/a
Tax Deductible Donation PercentageApprox. 73%Approx. 70%

Please Note:      

  • This offer is for limited time only
  • Once the required amount of seats are sold these packages will not be available for purchase

About BMM Initiatives: 

  • Day 1 – BMMFest : 
    BMM2.0 activities & celebrations
    • Uttarang/Shala
    • CME
    • B-Connect
    • Marathi Vishva Parishad


  • Seating Allotment will be based on the date and time payment received after you Pre-Register
  • Seating assignments will follow this chronology:
    • Dignitaries & Invited Guest – 2 rows
    • Patron Package : will be seated after the Dignitaries rows
      • Diamond – 2 rows
      • Platinum – 5 rows

About Hotel Booking:

  • Priority Hotel are Hotels connected to the Convention Center
  • Thursday – Saturday 3 Nights Stay Included in any package
  • Wednesday and Sunday Night is not included, attendees need to book them separately, Link will be included in the Pre-Registration Confirmation Email
  • Hotel Room Assignment will be done by the convention team
  • Parking is not included

About Upgrading Packages: 

  • All Package are upgradable
  • Diamond Patron Package can be upgraded to any of the next level Sponsorship package

About Special Benefits: 

  • Celebrity dining will be in a separate designated area reserved for only package holders for all the meals during the convention
  • Celebrity Photo Op; Exclusions apply
  • Special benefit being a felicitator involves welcoming the artists and/or giving away prizes

About Tax Deduction: Suggestion Only

  • All Donation packages are tax deductible
  • For $25000/Tax Deduction is approx. $18200 and For $15000/Tax Deduction is approx.$10500
  • Please consult your Tax Advisor for exact deduction

Wall of Honor at the main entrance and website will display names of all BMM Patrons.

Our hospitality team will provide special and dedicated services to all Patrons throughout their stay at the convention.

Payment Options

Email to receive payment instructions.

Provide your name, phone number, donation amount, and your preferred payment method from the following list.

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Contact Person

For any specific questions or further concerns, please write to Anjali Gandhi, Fundraising Lead, BMM2024 at


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