बे एरियातील १००+ कलाकारांचा संच सज्ज होतोय तुमच्यासाठी

अधिवेशनाच्या आरंभीच अनोखी अनुभूती
स्वप्नमय नगरीची जादूमय भ्रमंती
करू स्वप्नांची अद्भुत सफारी
घेउनी नवी अस्मिता नवी भरारी!

Greetings, Bay area enthusiasts! Welcome to BMM2024 convention! 

BMM has built a stellar reputation for showcasing local and global talent. The 4-day BMM Convention from June 27 to June 30, 2024 must kick off with a spectacular Opening Ceremony! Let’s create an unforgettable impression on esteemed guests, dignitaries, and the world at large. This sets the stage for an exceptional Convention!


For any concerns or queries, please reach out to:

1. Tejas Kanetkar tejas.kanetkar@bmm2024.org
2. Shailesh Powdwal shailesh.powdwal@mmbayarea.org


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