Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America (“BMM”), a non-profit organization, is holding its biennial Convention in San Jose, California, from 27 June 2024 to 30 June 2024 (“Convention”) in collaboration with the Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (“MMBA”), a non-profit organization. MMBA is playing the host for the Convention and in order to prepare for it, MMBA has formed a distinct BMM2024 Committee (“Committee”) which has in turn formed several committees to make the preparatory process more efficient.


1. What is BMM?

Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) umbrella organization that was established in 1981. BMM represents 54 Maharashtrian organizations across North America in major cities.

2. What is the BMM convention?

One of the most significant events organized by BMM every alternate year, BMM Convention brings together thousands of Marathi people from around the world for a 3 day celebration of Marathi culture, language, and identity.

3. What is the BMM2024 Bay Area Convention?

After 25 years, one of the most significant celebrations of Maharashtrian Culture, Customs, and Community – Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) comes to the global center of tech and innovation – the Bay Area!

The global Maharashtrian community has maintained its cultural identity while integrating into a foreign culture. The BMM2024 Bay Area Convention celebrates this evolving Maharashtrian identity and its promises for future generations.  

In the true community spirit, we envision the convention to be a platform for Marathi-speaking individuals and their families to unite, network, and celebrate their shared heritage of art, music, dance, customs, and cuisine.

In the Bay Area, the local mandals that are associated with BMM are MMBA, EBMM, CalAA, Swarsudha, and MMSAC. This convention will be held June 27-June 30, 2024 at San Jose Convention Center, California.

4. What is Our Mission?

The mission of BMM is to provide effective collaboration between all the associated mandals to operate projects and events that promote Marathi culture and language. BMM also provides a common platform for the Marathi community to come together, celebrate their rich cultural heritage, and contribute to the wider community.


1. General Disclaimer
  • A donation made to ‘BMM2024’ will be treated as a donation to MMBA, and will become tax-deductible. It is suggested that a competent tax advisor be consulted in order to properly avail of the tax deduction in the amount indicated in the benefits section. The amount is calculated on a good faith estimate of the “fair market value” for the services offered.
  • BMM2024 reserves the right to change these rules without notice.
  • BMM2024 has partnered with TUGOZ LLC to offer ticket booking services.
  • TUGOZ does not rent or sell personal information to third parties.
2. Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, donations made to BMM2024 a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization are tax-deductible.

3. Has BMM2024 received IRS designation as 501(C)(3) or charitable organization?

Maharashtra Mandal-Bay Area DBA BMM2024 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with details shown below:

Charitable Tax ID/FEIN: 94-2986211

4. Can I donate from a charitable trust?

Yes, we accept donations from charitable trusts, just as you can receive any other donations from individual donors, corporations, and other organizations.

5. Can donations be received from IRA as Required Minimum Distributions as a Qualified Charitable Donation?

Yes, donations can be received from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) under the Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) program. The QCD is a transfer of funds from your IRA custodian payable directly to the qualified charity. Amount transferred as QCD can be counted toward satisfying your RMD for the year. The QCD program allows individuals who are age 70½ or older to donate up to $100,000 per year directly from their IRA to a qualified nonprofit organization like BMM2024 without having to count the distribution as taxable income.

6. Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, you should receive a receipt for your donation that will include the following information

  1. Name of the donor
  2. Date of the donation received 
  3. Non-profit organization details (Name & TaxID)
  4. Statement of non-profit organization’s 501(c)(3) status
  5. Amount donated with clear classification between FMV (Fair Market Value) and tax deductible amount

This receipt can be used to claim your tax deduction.

*FMV will be based on package purchase and includes the cost of  tickets, hotel, banquet, sofa, etc.

7. Can percentage of tax-deductible be determined based on the BMM2024 Fundraising Patron Packages?

See table below for an example. It shows what is purchased with the Platinum Package and the amount donated. Similarly, for the Diamond Package. 

Sample Tax Table

**Please note the above table is an estimation. We recommend you consult your tax advisors for the correct tax deductible percentage.

8. Will BMM2024 issue tax receipts for donations received in calendar year 2023 by February 2024 (for 2023 tax filing season)

BMM2024 will email you the 2023 donation receipt by February 2024 for the 2023 tax filing season. Similarly, BMM2024 will email you the 2024 donation receipt by February 2025 for the 2024 tax filing season.

9. Can donations from individual IRAs be directly donated by checks to BMM2024?

Yes, donations from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can be directly donated by checks to BMM2024 as a QCD. 

Please send an email to for instructions and mailing address.

10. What are the payment options available?

Email to receive payment instructions. Provide your name, phone number, donation amount, and your preferred payment method from the following list.

  • Check
  • ECheck/ACH
  • Wire Transfer
  • Zelle
11. Donations Cancellation & Transfer Policy
  • Donation packages are non-refundable and non-transferable but they can be upgraded.
  • Upgrading from general registration to the Individual Donor Package will not be considered as cancellation of general registration. Upgrade date will be the registration date for new donor registration.
  • All registration cancellation requests should be made in writing. Please send email to 
  • The following cancellation fees will be charged PER PERSON.
    • 50% of the registration fee if cancelled on or before February 29, 2024
    • No cancellation and refunds after February 29, 2024
  • The payment processing fee of 4% (2% for offline payments) will not be refunded.
  • Ticket refunds will be processed only upon receiving an email request with justification, to refund the tickets, before the above date.
  • Processing time for refunds will be 2-3 weeks and the refund will be issued in the same mode in which the online payment was made.
  • Donations/tickets will be refunded in full (less any administration and processing charges) should the Convention get be canceled because of a decision by the Committee, or any force majeure event which would make the holding of the Convention for its entire duration, impossible, or is prohibited, or is against public interest as determined by the Committee. Force majeure events shall be the following: war, terrorism, civil or public unrest, pandemic, flood, hurricane, earthquake, or other such acts of God. 
  • Purchase of any ticket for the Convention shall mean acceptance by the purchaser or the attendee of all terms and conditions of the Convention, of hotel rules (if applicable), and all disclaimers. 
12. What are the various Donation Packages offered for Donors?

There are 2 types of Donation Packages available to choose from:

● Patrons 
● Individual Donors.

For Patron Packages please visit – If you are interested in getting any of these package for yourself or friends please email
For Individual Donor Package please visit – These are available to buy online. Please click on this link to buy

13. Can I donate stocks to help with the BMM2024 convention?

You can donate your appreciated stocks or mutual funds to Support BMM2024 convention and take advantage of significant tax benefits.

Contact for more details


Guests are strongly urged to regularly check the Convention’s website for any change or update to these terms and conditions as all such subsequent changes and updates shall be binding on each guest.

1. Can I book my hotel later if I don’t do it during registration?

If you didn’t book your hotel during registration, you may be able to book it later. Click on the following link and enter your email id given during registration. You will see a list of available hotels to choose from, select your hotel, and pay for it online.

2. What's the difference between my booking code (TXXXXXXXXX) and the hotel confirmation number?
  • Your booking code (TXXXXXXXXX) is a reference number generated by the BMM2024 booking system after your hotel payment. It’s not the hotel confirmation number.
  • You’ll receive the hotel confirmation number directly from the hotel or BMM2024 about a month before the convention.
3. Is my hotel booking in the hotel's reservation system yet?
  • No, currently the bookings are held in BMM2024’s name. They’ll be transferred to each hotel roughly a month before the convention.
  • Once transferred, you’ll receive the hotel confirmation # in late May or early June.

Adding Hotel Loyalty Information

4. When can I add my hotel loyalty program information?

You can add your loyalty information after receiving the hotel confirmation number (late May/early June) or during check-in.

Hotel Rates and Fees

5. Do the BMM2024 hotel rates include taxes and fees?

Yes, the quoted rates include applicable taxes and fees.

6. How many days of Hotel room(s) are included in a Donor package?

Three days of hotel stay is included in a donor package with a check-in on Thursday, June 27th and check-out on Sunday June 30th. You have an option to add a night prior to June 27th and a night after June 30th for extra charges if you wish to do so. Contact for more details. 

7. Are room service and other incidentals included in the room rate?

No. Room service, alcoholic beverages, phone calls, food/drinks inside the hotel, gym, pool access, and other incidentals are extra charges.

  • Check both the convention registration and hotel information for included services.

Hotel Reservation Transfers

8. Can I transfer my hotel reservation to someone else?
  • Generally, reservations are non-transferable.
  • In special circumstances (until April 30, 2024, and subject to room availability), BMM2024 might allow finding a replacement.
  • Contact with an explanation for consideration.

Hotel Cancellation Policy

9. What is the refund policy if the convention is cancelled?
  • You’ll receive a full refund (minus processing fees) if the convention is cancelled due to:
    • A decision by the Committee.
    • Force Majeure events (war, terrorism, pandemic, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Force Majeure events are defined in the policy.
10. Cancellation policy for EACH hotel reservation?
  • Full refund on Hotel room charges minus processing fee, if cancelled on or before June 15, 2024.
  • No cancellation and refunds after June 15, 2024.
  • The payment processing fee of 4% (2% for offline payments) will not be refunded.
11. How do I cancel my hotel reservation?

All cancellation requests must be emailed to with “Hotel Cancellation Request Confirmation Number TXXXXXXXXX” in the subject line.

12. Will I get a refund for the hotel processing fee? cancel my hotel reservation?

The processing fee (4% or 2% for offline payments) is non-refundable.

13. When can I expect my cancellation refund?

Allow 4-6 weeks for processing after all communication and justification documents are received.

14. How will my cancellation refund be issued?

Refunds will be issued in the same payment method used for the original booking.

Hotel Room Information

15. What bed sizes are available in the hotel rooms?
  • Room with Single bed have 1 King size bed
  • Room with 2 beds can have 2 Double size or 2 Queen size beds (hotel dependent).
16. Are room rates the same for all room types?

No, rates might differ between rooms with 1 bed and those with 2 beds.

17. Can more than 2 adults (or children) share a hotel room?
  • Hotel rates typically assume single or double (adult) occupancy only. Additional (adult) guests might incur extra charges at checkout.
  • Children under 17 usually can stay free with an adult occupant (check hotel policy).
18. What are the Hotel Booking Terms and Conditions?

Every guest staying at a hotel arranged by the Committee or through the Convention registration process, is informed that the hotel common space is open to the public (including to other guests), and each guest is expected to maintain peace and decorum of these public spaces, and to use their own rooms responsibly. Every guest shall be deemed to have agreed to each of the following conditions, the breach of which shall be solely at the guest’s expense. 

  • The guest shall be liable for any damage to hotel property by such guest, or otherwise be solely responsible for any other violation of hotel rules. 
  • The guest shall be deemed to have indemnified the Committee, MMBA, and BMM, along with each of their respective members and volunteers, against any and all loss or injury suffered and costs incurred (including attorney and other professional fees) resulting from a guest’s actions. 
  • The guest agrees that should a guest’s violation of these Terms and Conditions or other Rules warrant protection of the rights, property, or services of the hotel or of another guest, the hotel and/or the Committee reserve the right to notify the police and other relevant authorities, or otherwise take appropriate remedial measures in their sole and absolute discretion. 
  • Should the hotel deem that a guest’s health or life is at serious risk, the hotel may seek emergency medical services including that of an ambulance in the hotel’s sole and absolute discretion. 
  • Purchase of any ticket for the Convention shall mean acceptance by the purchaser or the attendee of all terms and conditions of the Convention, of hotel rules (if applicable), and all disclaimers. 

Transportation On – Airport To Hotels To San Jose Convention Center

1. Is BMM2024 arranging Airport Transportation?

BMM2024 is not able to provide the airport transportation for this year’s event.

It will be self service. However, we’ve provided some resources to help you plan your trip:

From San Francisco: – San Francisco International Airport to San Jose (

From San Jose-San Jose to San Jose (

From Oakland – Oakland Airport (OAK) to San Jose (

2. How far are these airports from the San Jose Convention Center area hotels?

Airport and distance to San Jose Convention Center / downtown hotels 

San Francisco (SFO) – 35 miles
San Jose (SJC) – 5 miles
Oakland (OAK) – 40 miles

3. What are the typical charges for airport transfers?

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) & Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Uber/Taxi: Expect to pay around $60-$100 each way, depending on traffic, time of the day, and distance to your hotel in San Jose.
Shuttles: A more budget-friendly option, costing approximately $30-$40 per person each way.

San Jose International Airport (SJC):

Due to the shorter distance, transportation costs from SJC to San Jose hotels are generally about half the price of SFO/OAK options.

Consider ride-sharing apps or shuttles for this route.

Local Transportation

4. How do I get to the Convention Center (from/to) BMM contracted hotels?

BMM2024 is pleased to offer a complimentary shuttle service only for the attendees staying at our contracted hotels. 

This service will run during designated morning and evening hours (details in question below) to ensure easy access to the San Jose Convention Center.

5. Do you have a shuttle schedule? How often will the shuttles run?

If you are staying at a nearby hotel (specifically Signia by “Hilton Signia”, “Hotel De Anza” and “AC Hotel by Marriott”), BMM2024 will provide a free shuttle service “to and from” only from the above hotels to the convention center.

Shuttle service will be offered during the morning and night hours on

  • Friday June 28: 7 am – 9:30 am in the morning and 9 pm – 11:30 pm in the night. The exact timing and schedule will be confirmed by mid-June.
  • Saturday June 29: 7 am – 9:30 am in the morning and 9 pm – 11:30 pm in the night.
    The exact timing and schedule will be confirmed by mid-June.
  • Sunday June 30: The shuttles will be offered only during the morning hours.
  • Shuttle service for Thursday June 27 evening is still TBD.

Shuttle service hours are likely to be 7 am – 9:30 am in the morning and 9 pm – 11:30 pm in the night.  The exact timing and schedule will be confirmed by mid-June.

We plan to have dedicated shuttles from/to the above hotel to the convention center as a continuous loop, running roughly every 10-15* minutes.

These above 3 hotels are ~10-15 min walk (roughly 3 blocks) from the convention center.

Hotels “San Jose Marriott” and “Hilton San Jose” are attached to the Convention Center.

“Hyatt Place downtown” is across the street from it – NO shuttle service is needed from these hotels. They are next door to the convention center.

6. Will shuttles be provided to/from non BMM2024 contracted hotels?

We will not be able to provide shuttle service from non-contracted hotels.

Some hotels are closer to the light rail station/service that can be used to go to the convention center stop. 

7. Can I take an Uber/Lyft to the Convention Center?

Yes – that is absolutely possible. Based on our experience, the estimated cost for a single Uber/Lyft is around $15 from San Jose area hotels within a 3–4-mile radius. 

8. Can I walk to the Convention Center?

Of course, you can walk to and from the Convention Center.

Just make sure you wear a pair of comfortable shoes as some of the hotels are within a 10-minute walking distance to the Convention center.

9. Can I drive to the Convention Center?

Yes, the convention center offers paid parking though parking spaces are limited, and costs may be in the $50/day range.  

There are public parking lots near the convention center, where the parking charges may be in the $10-$35/day range.



1. How do I register for the BMM 2024 Convention?

Please click the link below and enter all the information required to Register for the upcoming BMM2024 Bay Area Convention.

Please make sure to enter email ID and Phone number that you check frequently as all updates will be sent via email and text closure to the convention along with your other Personal Information before you submit the form.

2. When will I get confirmation for my registration?

You will receive a Registration Confirmation Email soon after you complete the registration process online and payment is processed.

3. What is a “Day” pass?

Day Pass is a event only pass; each day pass will covers all the events on that particular day. Convention Food is not included in any of the Day Pass Tickets

2 types of day passes are offered

  • Individual Day Pass – Covers events for 1 day only (considered as 1-day pass) and is valid for that day only, can be purchased in multiples and can be for 1 specific day or in combination Individual Day Pass is available for Day-2 i.e. Jun,28th, Day-3 i.e Jun,29th, Day-4 i.e. Jun,30th). 1-day pass is $150 per attendee.
  • Combo Day Pass – includes all the events for the 3 days of the convention, plus 1 Bonus – Day 1 Thursday evening SaReGaMa – event.
4. Are Meals and breakfast included in Day passes?

Meals offered at the convention are not included in any of the Day Passes. It includes afternoon Tea and snacks (if any) offered at the convention premises.

We are working with local food truck vendors who will offer food outside yet nearby convention center. The location of the food trucks, the type of food served is being worked on yet our hope to is arrange Indian and more specifically at least a couple of Maharashtrian food trucks.

5. How is the seating for Day pass?

Day Pass Seating will be in the General Ticket Seating Zone. The Day Pass holder seating will be on “first come first sit” basis in the specified day-pass seating area i.e. attendees can sit anywhere within the specified area, there will be no pre-assigned seating.

6. Can day pass be shared amongst attendees?

Day Pass will be issued to attendees by their names. Attendees should not share the Day Pass. There will be security check at the entrance of every event, if the security check of the pass does not match with the registered attendee you will not be allowed to attend that even. Any Loss of day pass means your loss to attend rest of the day even.

7. Can day pass be cancelled?

Any kind of Day Pass is non-cancelable & non-refundable.

8. Can 1-day pass be upgraded to 3-day pass?
Yes, any type of Day Pass is upgradeable. Send email to with the request.
9. Is day pass transferable?

No. Only under special circumstances, a written email request with legitimate justification may be assessed and approved. Send email to It is the attendees responsibility to find the transferee in such case.

10. Can 3-day pass be downgraded to 1-day pass?

No downgrading Combo Day Pass to 1 Day pass (any day ) will not be allowed.

11. Can a 3-day pass be upgraded to Premium seating ticket?

Yes. Send email to with the request.

12. What are Upgrade/Downgrade options available for various ticket offerings?

Below table provide a reference to feasibility of upgrade/downgrade options available.

FAQ registartion table

13. Can we bring outside food inside convention premises?

No. Convention rules and regulations do not allow outside food to be brought inside the convention premises.

14. What is "Premium Seating" ticketing?

Effective Apr,22nd, General Ticketing at $500 has ended and “Premium Seating” at $750 is available. Premium Seating Chair Zone starts right after Gold Donors sofa zone but will be ahead of general seating. Please refer to the seating map.

15. Are there tickets we could purchase day wise or event wise?

Effective, Apr,22nd, 1-day and 3-days pass tickets are offered. Please refer to “Day Pass” section FAQ for additional information. 

16. How to I purchase "Premium Seating" ticket?

Go to and choose “Premium” ticket purchase.

17. What perks are offered to Premium seating attendees?

Premium seating Chair Zone will be in a specified area/zone right behind Gold seating. The seating allotment will be based on the Day of Payment received by BMM2024.

18. Will there be a preference for food lines for Premium Seating Ticket holders?

Yes. Premium Seats Ticket holders will have priority in food lines.

19. Can a "Premium Ticket" purchased be downgraded to day pass?

Yes. Preferred seating ticket can be downgraded to 3-day pass (no 1-day pass downgrade is allowed). Send email to with the request.

20. How is BMM-Fest ticket different from 1-day pass ticket?

BMM-Fest is for Day-1 (June 27th) and Day Pass is a 1 day pass for Day-2 (June 28th), Day-3 (June 29th) and Day-4 (June 30th).

21. Can I upgrade from General Registration to a Donor package?

Yes, general registration can be upgraded to any of the donor packages and the amount will be adjusted and a new confirmation email will be sent.

Upgrading from general registration to the Individual Donor Package will not be considered as cancellation of general registration. Upgrade payment received date will be the new registration date for seat and hotel room allotment

Please Note: Once the seating capacity is reached, you may not avail this opportunity to upgrade.

22. Will my seating change if I change my Package?

Yes, based on the new package you buy, you will be seated in the respective seating zone and the Seat allotment will be based on the date of payment received.

23. What is the cancellation policy for General/Donor Registration?

The following cancellation fees will be charged PER PERSON – 50% of the registration fee if cancelled on or before February 29, 2024. No cancellation and refunds after February 29, 2024

24. Pre-registration has been completed successfully but by mistake I clicked on the Hotel Booking tab and would like to cancel the hotel booking now?

Hotel booking is not completed successfully until the payment is initiated towards the hotel booking. For any further concerns please send email to

25. Are all programs from Day-2 to Day-4 included in ‘Premium Ticket’ registration fee?

The ‘Premium Ticket’ with $750 ticket price per person includes all programs on Day 2 through Day 4 plus all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day 2 and 3 and breakfast and lunch on Day 4)

26. Why am I being charged for hotels when I select the Ticket/s during the Registration?

There is ‘blue key’ on the Registration page which by default is selected to ‘include hotel’.

In case you do not wish to book hotel room/s, you need to deselect this key to proceed to the next screen. It will reflect in the amount accordingly.

27. What are the various Donation Packages offered for Donors?

There are 2 types of Donation Packages available to choose from:

● Patrons
● Individual Donors

For Patron Packages please visit – If you are interested in getting any of these package for yourself or friends please email

For Individual Donor Package please visit – These are available to buy online.

Please click on this link to buy

28. If I am already pre-registered for the convention through my Marathi Mandal Block Booking and my family member/friend would like to register now, would he/she be able to sit with me if we buy ‘just ticket’?

Since you are pre-registered through your Marathi Mandal Block Booking, your seating zone will be different from the ‘Just Ticket’ seating zone. Hence we cannot accommodate your request to add any family member/friend in the same seating area.

Please Check with your Mandal Point of Contact if any of the existing ticket holder/s has upgraded to a higher package and if they have that spot open or if they plan to open a new block for the Mandal you can add any family member/friend to it or else you can proceed with purchase of ‘Just Ticket’.

29. How is the seating arrangement for donors and other various categories?

Seating Arrangement Policy: 

  • Seating Allotment will be based on the date and time payment received after you Pre-Register
  • All Sofa and Regular Seats will be numbered
  • Seating assignments will follow this chronology:
    • Dignitaries & Invited Guest – 2 rows
    • Patron Package : will be seated after the Dignitaries rows
      • Diamond – 2 rows
      • Platinum – 5 rows
      • Platinum Mini – 5 rows
      • Reserved Seating for special event – 5 rows
      • Upgraded Senior Citizens – 2 rows
    • Individual Donors: will be seated after the Patrons Sofa Seating Zone end

seating arrangement faq

30. Is it possible to upgrade Packages now?

Yes, it is possible.

  • Patron Packages (Diamond 25K & Platinum 15K) are still available
  • All Package are upgradable
  • Gold Package can be purchased in Multiples
  • Just Tickets can be upgraded to any package
  • NA Block Booking privileges and priorities will not be change by individuals upgrading their Just Tickets
31. I have paid for 3 members( applies to more than one) in my family but only my name was asked in the pre-registration form on the BMM2024 website. What about the information of other two members.

The Registration form is live on the website, with your pre-registration code you can now enter and fill information of all the attendees you have purchased the tickets for.

32. How do I fill out the registration form if I am already Pre-registered?

On the BMM2024 website we have transitioned/renamed the previous “Pre-Register’ button to ‘REGISTER’

1. Click the link

2. Select the option ‘I have a pre-registration code’ and enter the 16 characters alphanumeric pre-registration MXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from your Pre-Registration Confirmation Email Receipt or your email address

3. Click apply and click ‘Continue’

4. From the drop down for ‘Select number of attendees’ select no. of attendees you wish to checkin together on the day of convention.(Please do not select more than the attendees you have paid for at the time of pre-registration)

5. Select No of Tickets if you wish to attend BMMfest on Day 1 Jun 27th, click ‘NEXT’ ( This Step is Optional, you can always buy tickets later for Day 1)

6. Deselect the “Include Hotel” option (set the ‘blue key’ off) if you do not wish to add hotel room OR have already booked and click ‘NEXT’

7. Depending on the number of tickets choosen you will see Attendee tabs listed with Attendee 1 tab highligted

8. Please complete and fill in all the accurate details/choices for Attendee 1 and repeat the same step for the other Attendees by clicking on the respective tabs

9. Preview the info and modify as needed before you hit Submit.

33. How do I Fill out the registration form if I am not Pre-registered?

The previous ‘Pre-Register’ tab on the BMM 2024 website has now transitioned into ‘REGISTER’

1. Click the link below:

2. Select second option ‘I do not have a pre-registration code. Show booking options.’ Select the desired package from the Table

3. From drop down, ‘select’ the no of tickets you want to purchase and click ‘NEXT’

4. If you wish to Purchase add-on DAY 1 BMMFEST tickets, you may add and click ‘NEXT’

5. Turn the ‘blue key’ off if you do not wish to add hotel room and click ‘NEXT’

6. Fill the form with accurate information for each attendee, check all the information for any errors and make the payment.

34. How will I be assigned seating if I have registered through NA Mandal Block

• Mandal Block booking are done by Mandal POCs. At the time of booking the block they have submitted the list of attendees for the 24 seats within that block in a serial order. We have entered all the attendees in the system for that block in the same order and that will define your seating order within the block.

• Each Mandal has an assigned block number and the attendees will sit within their Mandal Block only.

• No seat numbers will be assigned within the Mandal Block.

• If you belong to the same Mandal but different block (Same date of payment), those will be seated one after another.

35. How do I register for the convention if I am an international or domestic student? How much is the ticket for?

If you are a domestic or international student, you can now avail the discounted price for the 3 day convention at $375 for Day 2,3 and 4 ( June 28th -30th 2024). You will however have to send an active student proof – send email from the college ( .edu) email you are currently enrolled at. Visit the BMM2024 site at, Select the first option and then select the General ticket. Select the student ticket and continue to complete the flow and payment.

36. I have purchased a child ticket ( age 5-14) prior to price drop from March 2nd? Can I get a refund for the price difference?

The lowered price is made possible by a generous grant received from a BMM24 Supporter of the cause. This change is effective going forward ( March 2nd 2024) and until the funds are exhausted. Therefore those registered prior to March 2nd are not eligible for the refund.

37. Does child ticket $375 include childcare?

The Child ticket $375 is to get the child registered for the 3 day convention. It does not include Day1 BMMfest nor the childcare fee. Childcare fee will be announced on a later date.

BMM2.0 & BMMFEST - Day 1

1. Is there a conference for Doctors or Medical professionals?
Yes, The BMM Fest conference includes a CME program that offers CME credits and is a packed full 8 hour program. BMM Fest registration allows one to attend CME.
2. What is BConnect Explore?

BConnect is the Business conference called “Explore” on the Day 1 of the BMM Convention.

3. What will BConnect Explore have?

BConnect Explore is for professionals to network, learn about businesses, participate in workshops and trainings. There will be industry professionals from popular fields who will share their experiences and leave you with nuggets of wisdom. There will also be a jobs and recruitment mela. Students and folks seeking internships and folks looking to switch or grow in their jobs should attend BConnect Explore.

4. What is the add-on fee for Day1 BMMFEST and what does it include?

When You select ‘Just Ticket’, there is an add-on fee for Day 1 BMM Festival for a fee of $150. Please visit the link below to view what’s included in the Day 1 BMM Festival.

The ‘Add-On’ with $150 ticket price per person will include Day 1 programs like Uttarrang, BConnect (or Business Connect), BMM Film Festival, CME, Ekankika Spardha, Shala and Jagatik Marathi Sanstha plus Evening Marquee Event (SaReGaMa Musical Program).

Please note: Banquet Dinner is not included in the ‘Add-On’ package and is only available for Platinum Mini and Patron Packages.

5. How do I attend the Reshimgathi session on Day 3 of the convention?

You have to be a member first to attend this session. It is not a part of BMMFEST DAY 1 add-on  Ticket. Click on link below: to register for Reshimgathi.

6. Can I register for Day 1 BMMFEST on a later date? If I did not purchase this add-on at the time of pre-registration?

Yes you can purchase Day1 (BMM Fest) Tickets whenever you want to,  click  on the link below: 

  • Scroll down and click on the Button ‘REGISTRATION’ 
  • In the email or pre-registration number window (just above tickets) copy your  confirmation code and click ‘APPLY’
  • Select number of tickets and click ‘CONTINUE’
  • Complete the payment and receive your confirmation for booking BMMFEST.

click the link below:

  • The table will list packages, click the ‘SELECT’ for the last column
  • Scroll down and click on the Button ‘REGISTRATION’
  • In the email or pre-registration number window ( just above tickets) copy your confirmation code and click ‘APPLY’
  • Select number of tickets and click ‘CONTINUE’
  • Complete the payment and receive your confirmation for booking BMMFEST.


1. Dining Areas

Location Vicinity Hotel

2. What are the themes each day of the convention?

Each meal has a unique theme. Final menu with details about vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options with allergy related information will be uploaded on the website and the Whova app by mid May. Please stay tuned.

3. Where can I see detailed list of menu items for each meal?

Final menu with details about vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options with allergy related information will be uploaded on the website and the Whova app by mid May. Please stay tuned.

4. Would there be tea/coffee/sarbat stalls throughout the day?

There will be tea coffee lounge(s) throughout the day. Also, tea and coffee with light snacks will be provided at 3-30pm in the afternoon.

5. Would water bottles be provided throughout the day?

Water bottles will be provided during meals. We appreciate you refilling the bottles at the water stations through the Convention Center

6. Would snacks be provided along with Tea/coffee in the afternoon?
Tea and coffee with light snacks will be provided at 3-30pm in the afternoon.
7. Where will the meals be served?

There are three locations for meals:
1) Celebrity location: LL20-21 area as shown in the map on the lower level of the convention Center
2) Senior dining: Hall 1 as shown in the map (Qualifying seniors and persons with movement restrictions will be notified via email. Kindly fill up relevant information in the registration form)
3) South Hall Dining: Rest of the attendees will enjoy the meals in South Hall as shown in the map. Please note attendees in South Hall will be eating meals in two batches. Your batch number will be on your registration badge.
A map showing the path to these locations will be displayed on the website; Whova app and periodically on the displays throughout the convention center. At appropriate times our volunteers will guide you to the meal locations.

8. What are the meal timings?

Breakfast: 7-00am to 9-00amLunch: 12-00 noon to 2-00pmDinner: 5-30pm to 7-30pmPlease note – attendees in South Hall will be eating meals in two batches. Your batch number will be on your registration badge.

9. Where can I mention my family members' allergy details?
Please fill up the registration form with relevant personal information so, we can serve you better.
10. Would there be details about the ingredients for each menu item?

Details about the menu items will be on the website, Whova app and also on the labels for each item during the meals.

11. Would there be any Veg / Non Veg / Vegan / fasting (Upavas) options during each meal?

Veg, Non veg and vegan options are available. For upwas and other special dietary need kindly send email to

12. Would there be sugar free options available?

Tea and coffee will have sugar free options. Regular meals are prepared as per recipe appropriate for that item. Please send email to for special dietary needs.

13. Would you accommodate special needs/diets?

Please send email to for special dietary needs.

14. Would I be able to request to keep my food aside if I am unavailable to pick it up at the given time?

Since we are serving more than 6000 people at a time, individual requests may be difficult to accept. Please connect with for specific requests.

15. For how long each meal buffet will be open for serving?

Meal buffets will stay open for 2 hours.

16. Who would be able to attend the banquet?
Banquet is available to our patrons and donors. For regular attendees many options are available in San Jose and nearby area serving delicios food with wide culinary variety
17. If we are not allowed to attend do you have any suggestions for the food places nearby?

Many options are available in San Jose and nearby area serving delectable food with wide culinary variety. Searching on Yelp and other apps will provide guidance.

18. What kind of material is used for disposables?
We are in final stages of confirming the details. Once done the information is available on the website. Please stay tuned.
19. Which vendor is providing the catering?

We are in final stages of confirming the details. Once done the information is available on the website. Please stay tuned.

20. Would there be convention tickets sold without food (if we don't want to have CC food)?
We now have two options for convention tickets without food:
1. Day 2, Day3 and Day 4 passes (these are single day passes without food)
2. 3-day Combo pass  (all 3-days, without food)
For all these day pass holders, we have arranged for food trucks to bring a variety of food that members can buy themselves. Additionally, tea/snacks within the CC are of course also available during the day.
21. How would you stop wastage of food?

We request you to help us stop wastage of food by taking only the required quantity.

22. What actions are taken to make it a Green convention?

Wherever possible we are using biodegradable products as disposables.

23. Are you going to follow sustainable food practices? (water stations with glasses instead of handing out water bottles)

Water bottles will be provided during meals. We appreciate you refilling the bottles at the water stations through the Convention Center.

24. Where can I post suggestions for the convention days or comments/feedback for the current service received so far?
25. Would we get any discounted food nearby outside CC if we miss the meal time any day for any reason?

Many options are available in the San Jose and nearby area serving delectable food with wide culinary variety. Searching on Yelp and other apps will provide guidance.

Host & Hospitality/Child Care

Wheelchair and Seniors Related FAQ’s

We strive to host inclusive, accessible convention that enable individuals with disabilities to engage fully. Attendees with restricted movement may use wheelchairs – Manual or Motorized

1. What is the seating arrangement for attendees in wheelchairs?

For every Seating Zone the first few rows will have wheelchair accessible seats

Here is an example Gold Package Holder:

  • First Row: Seats for attendees on Wheelchair
  • Second Row: Seats for Wheelchair Support attendees (if Manually pushed by someone)
  • Gold Package Holder: Seniors Seating Zone
  • Gold Package Holders: Regular Seating Zone

Here is an example Just Ticket Zone:

  • First Row: Seats for attendees on Wheelchair
  • Second Row: Seats for Wheelchair Support attendees (if Manually pushed by someone)
  • Volunteer Seating Zone
  • NA Block Booking Seating Zone
2. Will the BMM24 Convention team provide wheelchairs for attendees who need them?

No, if you need a wheelchair we recommend you bring it with you. Convention Team will  not be providing or making arrangements for procuring wheelchair for attendees

We have Vendors whom you can contact and reserve a wheelchair

  • Bradford Medical Supply
    • Owner: Bradford
    • Location: San Jose
    • Contact Number: (877) 580-5757

Please Note: We are in the process of contacting more Wheelchair Vendors and as soon as we get their commitments we will add to this list

3. I want to buy Gold Package but I am on wheelchair and/or have Mobility Restricted can I get Hotel Accommodations in the attached hotel?

Yes, we have marked one hotel exclusively for Seniors and people with Mobility Restrictions. You can buy Gold Package without Hotel which is $2700 + Processing Fee ($300 discount) and then book a hotel room in Hilton San Jose, which is attached to the convention center. Please send your requests to and we will help you with your  reservations.

4. I am a Senior and might not be able to sit through and watch all the programs at a stretch, will there be a place for Seniors to take rest for some time if needed?

Yes, the BMM24 Host and Hospitality Team will have Rooms designated throughout the convention center as Seniors Rest Area with Tea and Coffee available as refreshments. They will be marked and also noted on the convention map for you to navigate too.

5. For any special needs where do I contact?

Please send email to

Child Care FAQ’s

bmm childcare image
1. Is there childcare available during the time of BMM 2024 convention?

We have selected a reputable vendor to provide childcare for children of age 3-14. This vendor is the provider for Childcare for past couple of conventions. This gives you the option to drop the child off for age-appropriate activities with other children while you enjoy BMM programs.

In addition, you also always have the option to take the child with you to watch any of the programs outside the childcare service area.

2. What is the child-to-staff ratio?
Children 3 years to 4 years: Per Recommended Guidelines
Children 5 years to 13 years: Per Recommended Guidelines.
3. What are the requirements to be able to use childcare services?
  • All kids requiring childcare must be well potty-trained.
  • You should have the child’s registration confirmation.
  • Sign the Consent Form with the
  • childcare service provider. This form accommodates all circumstances from emergency, consent, special needs, photography, and waivers.
FridayJune 28th 2024




SaturdayJune 29th 2024




SundayJune 30th 20249:00AM-12:00PM


  • For registration / drop off, childcare service provider requires a short registration form be filled out and a security photo is taken for each family to ensure safety of your child / children.
  • Parents MUST be present at BMM convention while using childcare service and should not leave premises for other activities, such as shopping, and other sightseeing.
4. I bought my kids registration ticket. Do I have to pay extra for childcare? What are the timings?

Yes, you will need to purchase a child registration ticket that includes childcare- priced $150-200 higher in total than a regular child ticket. (Includes 3 days care + $50 Supplies Fees).

Kids without a child registration ticket will be charged $600 inclusive of all three days care. The fees need to be paid upfront for all three days; individual day pricing is not available. All kids ages 3-13 can be enrolled in childcare services.

You can drop off your kids in the childcare area as early as 8:30 am and pick them up as late as 10:30 pm*. You will still need to pick up your kids for lunch and dinner.

*All children must be picked up at times listed to avoid additional charges.

5. Is it OK if I am late to pick up my child after the last program of the day?

Childcare will be closed sharp at 10:30 pm on June 28th and 29th and at 12PM- noon on June30th. Children must be picked up before these times to avoid additional charges.

Parents are responsible for late pick up charges.

6. Can I check in and check out my child from childcare any time?

Yes, you can check in and check out your child at any time of the day during childcare hours.

7. What activities are planned for kids? Can I see their schedule in advance?

Yes. Programming Grid coming soon*…

8. How would you handle breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack? How would you handle kids with allergies?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility. 

You will bring the kids to the childcare area after breakfast and sign in/sign out your kids for lunch and dinner.

BMM will provide allergen free kids snacks during childcare.

Consent Form with the childcare service provider MUST be filled out to provide important child information; for example – Food restrictions and allergies.

Day 12 snacks / child
Day 22 snacks / child
Day 31 snack / child

Total snack (s) per child -5.

Examples- Oreo cookies, Rice Krispies, Potato Chips, Granola bars, Cereals, Goldfish crackers, Fruit packs etc.

Drinks – Juice boxes (Apple, Orange, Fruit Punch) / Milk

9. Will someone accompany younger children to the restroom?

Consent Form with the childcare service provider MUST be filled out for permission to take your child from the childcare room with supervision to use the bathroom.
At no time your child will be left alone.

10. Can someone other than me pick up the child?

Each child will be given a wristband with their name, age and allergies to be worn while in childcare.

Parents will be given a ticket with the matching number on the wrist band to be used at pick up.

We ask that the ticket be provided for pick up and if not available the child will only be released to a parent or guardian in the security photo taken at registration.

11. Are hand-held video games or smart phones allowed in childcare area?

We as BMM and childcare service provider don’t take responsibility of any personal belongings. We have arranged fun-filled activities for the children and encourage them to participate. 

Yet, recognizing the attachment of kids to their electronics -we will allow use of these items in the quiet time.
We ask they be kept to a minimum and away from other children.

12. What should the kids bring with them when they arrive?

Children should be in comfy casual clothes and closed toe shoes.
Kids’ activities may include using markers, paints, and glue for crafts.
There is a chance your child could get something on their clothes during the craft.
In case kids need to change, childcare staff will contact parents.
Parents are required to sign out the kids for changing.

13. Is childcare staff certified in CPR and first Aid?

Yes, all childcare staff are fully trained in maintaining health and safety guidelines and certified in CPR and first Aid.

14. What is the policy for administering prescription and non-prescription medications?

Parents are solely responsible for administering prescription or non-prescription medications to their child.

15. Covid-19 health and Safety precautions?
  • Health screening upon arrival for staff and children – Temperature checks
  • All childcare staff will always wear masks.
  • Childcare spaces will be disinfected in advance.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be accessible for surface wipe downs during the event.
  • Hand sanitizers will be located at check-in and in each childcare room.
  • Trash cans, paper towels, and tissues will be readily available for children’s use.
  • Childcare staff will maintain and follow all CDC guidelines related to childcare.
16. How my kids will be engaged through the convention? ( Pls note following is just to give some ideas of activities – final selected and available activities and themes will be shared once they are finalized )

chart kids camp

kids camp

Have  a question answered here but would like to ask one, please email us at


Reshimagthee FAQ’s

1. What is Reshimgathee?

A Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) Matrimonial initiative for Maharashtrians in North America.

2. Is BMM2024 convention going to have Reshimgathee events?

Yes. BMM Reshimgathee is going to have an in-person meet for parents at BMM 2024 convention on June 28th, from 1-3 pm.

3. What will be the nature of these Reshimgathee events?

There will be a presentation by the BMM Reshimgathee team. This will be followed by an opportunity for registered participants/ parents to meet/ interact with each other.

4. My son/daughter is a Reshimgathee annual subscriber. Then why do we have to pay additional $25 for this event?

Reshimgathee subscription doesn’t cover *parent in person meet*.

5. Can I register for Reshimgathee event at the convention?

Unfortunately not. This event is only for Reshimgathee event registered participants (*You will have to register for this event in addition to your BMM registration*). We will be closing the registration for Reshimgathee event a few days prior to the convention to help us plan for this event.

6. My son/daughter is already a Reshimgathee subscriber. Then what is my benefit for attending the Reshimgathee event at the convention?

You will get to attend a presentation by the Reshimgathee team and meet/ interact with parents of prospective grooms/ brides. Additionally, you will gain free access to our database for 2 months.

7. Why are you not having Reshimgathee speed dating event at the convention?

BMM Yuva team is organizing a speed dating event on Day 2 of the convention. At this convention, in addition to the speed dating event by Yuva team, we are providing an opportunity for the parents to meet and interact with each other. Also, BMM Reshimgathee has organized more than five in-person meets in the past 12 months in different cities and one of the meet was in the Bay Area. Going forward, we will continue to have in-person speed dating meets for men/women after this convention. Once the date and city is finalized, the Reshimgathee team will announce the event and details.

8. How can I stay connected after the convention?

If you register for Reshimgathee event, then your son/daughter will have free access to the whole database for 2 more months. After that, your son/daughter can register for the regular annual subscription. Currently, Reshimgathee has more than 600 subscribers. (The free access will be for 1 email ID per family.)

9. Where can I find more details about Reshimgathee?

To know more details about Reshimgathee, please visit


1. What is Reshim-Sobati (RS)?

In response to another need of our time, BMM is proud to announce a sister initiative of Reshimgathee called Reshim-Sobati (RS). This initiative is specifically geared towards Maharashtrians aged 50 and older. It will serve to introduce singles to meet, build friendships, or otherwise create structured or unstructured relationships of their choice.

2. Who can join RS?

Maharashtrian singles aged 50 and above living in North America. They will have to make self-declaration in this regard.

3. Is BMM2024 convention going to host the RS in-person meet?

Yes. There will be an opportunity for singles 50 and older to meet at the RS meet.

4. Do I need to register?

Yes. Registration is mandatory in order to participate in the RS event. Walk-Ins will not be allowed to participate. Registration is free.

5. How do I register?

Use the QR code/link on our flyer to register. You will have to answer all the questions in the Registration form & upload your picture.

6. Can I register for the RS event at the convention?

No. Pre-registration to this event is mandatory.

7. What will be the format of the meeting?

RS will share profiles of all the members who have registered to this event. The session will begin with the host introducing BMM-RS & promoting icebreaker-conversations. Following that all the registered participants will be able to interact with each other.

8. Resim-Sobati Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Reshim-Sobati (RS) does not take the responsibility of checking the authenticity of the profiles or vetting of the candidates who have registered. Everything after the first introduction, is left to the discretion of the individual/pair.

Have Questions?