It brings ICMA immense joy to offer the gift of music to all the attendees of BMM 2024 Convention as it’s grand Closing Show – Mahesh Kale’s ‘Abhangwari’!

Mahesh Kale
Mukta Barve | Prajakt Deshmukh
Achut Palav | Bhagwan Rampure

Abhangwari – an eternal ode to Vitthal, the timeless devotional essence of Marathi 'Abhangs' converges with the soulful artistry of Mahesh Kale. Here, amidst the rhythmic journey of 'wari', music enthusiasts embark on a sacred odyssey, traversing melodies steeped in devotion, to experience a harmonious fusion of spirituality and musical brilliance. Abhangs are timeless compositions composed by revered saints like Sant Tukaram, Sant Dnyaneshwar, and Sant Namdev and express deep love and devotion to the divine Lord Vitthal. 

Expanding beyond traditional music, the visual art by master calligrapher Achyut Palav, sculptor extraordinaire Bhagwan Rampure along with direction and script by the critically acclaimed Prajakt Deshmukh and narration by eminent actress Mukta Barve will be sure to evoke profound spirituality and capture the cultural essence of Maharashtra.

In Mahesh Kale’s ‘Abhangwari’, a 2-hour journey of enchanting performances, you will be transported to the sacred grounds of Pandharpur and connect deeply with the divine, transcending language and cultural barriers. An event that one just cannot miss!


Venue: San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA


Date/Time: 30 June 2024 (Sunday), 11 am


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