August 2023 Newsletter

Showcase your brand at BMM2024!

We invite you to exhibit your business at BMM2024, the biggest celebrations of Maharashtrian Culture, Customs, and Community scheduled from June 27th- 30th 2024 at San Jose, California, USA.

Why exhibit at BMM2024?

  • Showcase your products, services, and ideas to a diverse audience of Marathi enthusiasts, leaders, and influencers
  • Opportunity for your business to gain widespread exposure amongst an anticipated footfall of 6,000+ affluent attendees
  • Connect with potential global customers across various age groups
  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs

Exclusively for Exhibitors – BMM2024 Mobile App!
Use the BMM2024 mobile app to connect with attendees and boost sales even before the convention begins. Start communicating with your potential customers as soon as your booths are registered. Don’t miss out!

Sponsorship Opportunities @BMM2024

Be a patron and sponsor food items, gajre, or nath 
We invite individuals and businesses to be part of an exceptional culinary experience at the BMM2024. An opportunity to sponsor desserts, tea or grace the pangat at ‘Swad Maharastracha’ by sponsoring garje, topi, or nath. Our sponsors will be recognized on banners, website, and via announcements (*based on the sponsorship level). 

Celebrate special occasions, cherish the memories of loved ones, and gain visibility by advertising to a wide audience of over 6000 people. We have tax-deductible food sponsorship packages that meet your need and budget.

Reserve Ad space in Smarnika

The opportunity to engage with the Marathi-speaking community in North America is presented through the exclusive souvenir, Smarnika, published in three different formats: printed, eBook, and audio book. This publication is specially crafted for the BMM Marathi Convention and offers captivating content tailored to various age groups, including children, youth, adults, and seniors.

By placing your advertisement in Smarnika, you gain access to a highly targeted global audience that values Marathi cultural heritage and embraces innovation.

साहित्य पाठवा

बे एरिया, कॅलिफोर्निया इथे होणाऱ्या BMM2024 अधिवेशनाच्या निमित्ताने आपण एक स्मरणिका तयार करत आहोत. त्यातील दिलेल्या विषयांना अनुरूप असे लेख, कथा, कविता, मजेशीर किस्से आम्हांला पाठवा.

तुमच्या ओळखीतील अमेरिकेतील मराठी लोकांपर्यंत पोहोचवा. त्यासाठीचे विषय, नियम, आणि अधिक माहितीसाठी खालील लिंकवर वाचा.

मजकूर विभाग

ज्येष्ठ विभाग

प्रश्न किंवा सूचना असल्यास खालील पत्त्यावर ई-मेल करू शकता :

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